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Market Demographics
From a fledgling group of core speed equipment manufacturers the industry has grown exponentially and Its reported that the hot rod aftermarket and performance industry is a $27.8 billion-a-year industry. Components manufactured the entire gamut of vehicle performance and pure racing components though to restoration and accessories of every kind imaginable. Originally started with a group of enthusiasts in stripped down roadsters today’s hot rod canvas includes cars of every make and year. Nothing has escaped the car enthusiasts and customizers touch. In today's economic climate of low interest rates anything collectible is viewed as an investment and with a wealth of old cars still available underpinned by a solid platform of repairers, restoresrs, fabricators and reproduction parts manufactureres its easy entry for most people and a fun family activity.

Reader demographics

Readers of Rodding USA are a wide and diverse group of individuals who are aged from 25 to 85 years old. Younger Gen X and Gen Y rodders are getting started and are searching for products and services for the current project but by far the majority are males aged 50-85 who've acquired a taste for authentic hot rods over a period of many years of participation in the hobby. Many still prefer the feel and touch of a paper-based magazine and have collections of magazines dating back many years. In the past five years they’ve realized the value of computers and learned they’re an integral and valuable tool in researching information and staying in touch with others. Most have fast-tracked their understanding and now own a computer and have up skilled themselves to become players in the digital realm. A proportion of readers have adpted and embraced the digital realm and subscribe to the electronic version magazinse and have extensive libraries of digital magazines and books.

The big picture in a nutshell
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